Life values

There are three basic motivations for our life together as church - three things that are not very far beneath the surface of who we aspire to be.

God centred

Self-centredness destroys. Not only that, but living in the confined enclosure of our own limitations can be an utterly joyless existence! We believe that life only makes sense in the light of a relationship with God who created us. We believe that this relationship is explained and made possible through Jesus Christ.

Purpose focused

Not only do we believe that each individual has a unique reason for being here, we believe that we have a particular purpose and reason for being here together as church. We want to be an outward looking, hands on, fully engaged and involved demonstration of the goodness of God in Aylesbury Vale and beyond.

People releasing

We believe that all people are created in the image of God and are unique, priceless individuals and have a unique reason for being here on planet earth. Our job as church is to be a 'releasing' community of friends where everybody's world-changing potential is discovered, grown and set free.

Examine our values

Life Purposes

Our six Life Purposes describe how we are intentional about living out our values.

Faith sharing - “loving the person in front of us”

We believe that we have good news for the world that needs to be shared. We also believe as a church that every Christian is called to be a missional disciple who is able to share the good news of Jesus with all those they relate to in their day to day life, wherever that may be.

Discipleship - “becoming more like Jesus”

When we come into a relationship with Jesus, we believe that this is just the start of the journey. We are intentional as a church to ensure that each follower of Jesus continues to mature, so that the fruit of the Holy Spirit grows and develops in them - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

Service - “working hard for the community”

As a church, we believe that each person is unique and has a unique way of relating to God through Jesus and serving Him according to our calling, desires, giftings and personality. As a result we seek to equip and release God’s people ‘for works of service’.

Community - “loving each other”

We all have a created need to belong - to be part of a caring community where we can keep healthy on a body, soul and spirit level.  In a large and growing church, there is danger of getting lost in the crowd and so we are intentional in finding ways to include everyone who considers this church as their home.

Worship - “surrendering our hearts to God”

This purpose emerges from the struggles that we have had to find authenticity in our experience of corporate worship.  God wants our worship to be a continual journey of discovery as deep searches out deep. Our worship times seek to enable us all to give ‘spirit and truth’ expression to our heart devotion to God.  

Influence - “blessing our town and beyond”

God wants us to ‘extend our borders’ and to take up the challenge of finding our voice in a developing town. As a church, we recognise that we are part of a larger church, town and world and want to be purposeful in influencing and blessing in the wider context.