God's people, doing life together

Relationships are at the heart of church and the way we live out our lives within family, friendships and the wider community. We encourage our members to meet in small groups at each other’s homes during the week. Some groups meet weekly, some meet twice a month.

Click here to see more detailed information about Lifegroups. To find out what groups are available, please see below for some of them or  contact the church office on the number below for the others.

You may also be able to find out exactly when some of the groups are meeting by visiting our News & What's On section.


International Group

We currently run a LifeGroup that meets monthly over lunch on a Sunday. Our aim as the International LifeGroup (ILG) is to encourage one another in our Christian faith. Other cultures often have large extended families and being separated from family can be very difficult. We help people who are new to the area to settle into life in Aylesbury and to make new friends. 



Yada in Greek means "To know intimately"

This means to know God, Him to know us, to know each other and be known. Yada in Hebrew means "To give praise and thanks, to confess the name of God and to confess sin" ... and of course, yada yada yada is what occurs when a group of women get together!

The Yada women are committed to discipleship, i.e. becoming more like Christ. We will do this by meeting weekly for praise and worship of God; by praying together; increasing our intimacy with Christ and our understanding of The Word.

We will be women who serve, eagerly desiring spiritual gifts, seeking training and release of these gifts. We will build our community by caring for 'one another' as the New Testament instructs us. We will be outward in our focus sharing our faith in the schools, work places and communities where God has placed us, supporting each other as we do so. We will bless others.

If this sounds like it suits you, then do come and join us.

We meet weekly, during term time, on a Wednesday from 9.45am until about 11.30am in 'the Hut' behind the Jubilee Hall. We provide a crèche for under-fives and drink and snacks for all. For more info, contact the church office.

Those who look to Him, are radiant - Psalm 34 v5 

Reading Circle

Do you like to read? The Reading Circle is a small, informal group that meets one evening every 3 months to discuss our reactions to a pre-set Christian book that we have all read beforehand. The aim of the group is to encourage reading from the rich heritage of Christian literature and thereby challenge us to grow spiritually. Discussions are open and lively! The group is open to new joiners at any time. The books cover a variety of topics and are from both classical and contemporary Christian writers.



Southcourt Sports

Southcourt Sports consists of five-a-side football and badminton. We are open to all and offer a chance to invite our friends to enjoy a time of fun and relaxation.
On the five-a-side football court we have established a code of conduct which states: In order to maintain a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, we make every effort to play in a sportsman-like manner, involving all players equally. We aim to avoid aggressive behaviour and offensive language, in a hope that every team member can feel comfortable and encouraged to develop their potential

'Southcourt Sports' happens each Monday, except Bank Holiday Mondays. Badminton is from 8.00pm to 9.00pm and five-a-side football is from 9.00pm to 10.00pm. Badminton takes place at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Guttman Road, Aylesbury, HP21 9PP whilst the football is now at the Grammar School.

For more information, please contact the church office.


Men's Meeting

We meet monthly on the 2nd Monday of each month (except Bank Holidays) at 2.30pm in the Jubilee Hall at church. 

We meet as men to have fellowship together around the Word and for a good sing! If you are free on that afternoon, please feel free to join us.