We have been a Baptist Church since our foundations 80 years ago and as such are a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain which is a union of over 2,000 Baptist Churches in the UK, offering resources to churches and individuals.

The BU aims to be a 'Union' of churches, associations and colleges, bound together in covenant rather than by structures that exercise authority over the whole. In all decisions they seek to give ultimate allegiance to the authority of Christ.

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The Aylesbury Church Network (ACN) is a grouping of churches that are seeking to bring 'transformation' to our town. Those churches that are joined to the ACN seek, through prayer and fellowship, to grow together as Jesus prayed in John 17 "that they may be one Father, as you and I are one."

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The Evangelical Alliance was founded in 1846 and is the oldest alliance of evangelical Christians in the world.

The Alliance brings together Christians and churches from a wide range of denominations, styles and traditions with a desire to see Christian values upheld and strengthened, changing society by a united Christian witness.

Alliance members are people who want to see the evangelical viewpoint inform and influence public opinion through media government and public life.

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We all believe that Jesus and the gospel have the same power yesterday, today and forever, so why are so few churches having an impact? Big questions need to be asked. Major issues like culture, discipleship, mission and leadership need to be revisited. Above all we need teams of leaders:
  • Committed to bringing change
  • Determined to harness the gifts and contribution of their members
  • Willing to do things differently for the sake of the gospel
  • Wanting to be accountable for taking back lost ground
  • Able to develop new thinking and practices for their church’s health and growth
Lead Academy exists to facilitate all of the above by equipping and inspiring you to fulfil God’s purpose for your church.
The leaders of Southcourt Baptist Church have benefitted from our partnership with Lead Academy - which in turn has helped up to think through and implement vision within our local church context.

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